Best Practice Software Engineering Podcast

We have recorded some enhanced podcasts with projects teams that used this webiste as the basis for their Projects at the Vienna University of Technology, specifically the BPSE-Basic Example.

Currently only in German, but English material might follow soon.

Enhanced Podcast?

An enhanced podcast is actually an audio recording with additional pictures and links. This is why the podcasts are provided in m4a format not mp3.

The podcast collection consists of:

  • Recordings from lectures
  • Slides are recorded parallel to the audio, hence the slide presented to the text can be seen in parallel
  • Each Slide change is also a "chapter", i.e., slides can be easily skipped or specific parts addressed

This also means, that some Podcast recordings were not made in a studio-kind of setup, but live before audience

Get the Podcast

To get the Podcast, visit the Podcast Page. You find all Epsiodes there with "Shownotes". You can download episoded individually from there or better yet, subscribe to the Podcast feed.